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Corrective Braces & Orthodontic Services in Winter Haven, Florida

Restore the look and functionality of your teeth with braces and other orthodontic services from William C. Parker D.D.S. Orthodontics in Winter Haven, Florida. Based on more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Parker customizes care to suit your specific needs.


Dental braces are probably the most familiar appliances associated with orthodontic treatment. Braces are typically made from stainless steel or more ... Read more
Child with braces - Dental Services in Winter Haven FL


Maintain your self-image during orthodontic treatment with Invisalign™ teeth aligners fitted by William C. Parker D.D.S. Orthodontics. With these clear aligners, we gradually straighten your teeth without having to use traditional metal wires or brackets.

Personalized Care

Dr. Parker is a well-established orthodontist in the area. Our office is committed to providing you with the very best in orthodontic care. During your free initial consultation, we explain treatment options and acquaint you with our affordable fees and easy payment plans.

Treatment Goals

We know that straighter teeth and a perfectly aligned bite can dramatically improve your appearance. The goal of orthodontic treatment is both the cosmetic improvement of your smile along with a functionally improved bite.